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Homework Policy:

Problems will be assigned and posted to the assignments page during the afternoon after most classes. I expect to collect three or four of these each week (and this may occur even in weeks that you have problem sets due); the assignment will list which ones. The problems are due the class after they are assigned, and you should follow the same write-up instructions as for the problem sets.

You may work together with others on these homework problems, but you should cite those you work with, and should write up your final solutions on your own (see the Honor Code policy for details). Note that this is different from the problem set policy, which are to be done independently.

I will also assign problems that are not collected. This does not mean that they are optional. You will not be successful in this class if you do not do the homework. These problems represent crucial practice in the techniques that we develop in class. If you do not do them, you will not have the experience you need to answer the questions on the exams. If you are unable to do one of these problems on your own, be sure to ask about it in class. I will assume you know how to do these problems unless you say otherwise.

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