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Thursday, November 20

Generating Objects by Slicing
Sean Belair
Olen Henderson
Jessie Korner

Thursday, November 20, 2:30 PM

A Two-Dimensional Fairy Tale
Jill Aftel
Emily Curbow
Margaret McRuiz

Thursday, November 20, 2:50 PM

The Hypercube in Orthographic Projection
Elizabeth Culp
Jaime Gorelick
James Hidalgo
Klenton Tomori

Thursday, November 20, 3:10 PM

The Enigmatic 5-Cube
Gregory Bloom
Marla Feldman
David Kislik
Yalor McCarthy

Thursday, November 20, 3:30 PM

Models of Truncated Simplices
Emily Brunelle
Susan Griffin
Zoe Jameson
Grace Montero

Thursday, November 20, 3:50 PM

The Nose of a Monster
Nicholas Anthony
Peter Hart
Emily Teitel
Alexander Wolf

Thursday, November 20, 4:10 PM

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