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Projects Policy:

In place of a final exam, we will produce group projects on a variety of subjects. The projects will begin after the 6th week of the course, and will be on topics partly of your own choosing, so be thinking during the first half of the course about things that you might be interested in exploring further. I will provide a list of suggestions when the time comes.

The last week of class and our scheduled exam period are reserved for project presentations. You will work in groups of three or four, and all must be involved in the presentation process. Creativity is valuable here; projects may include model building, computer work, creative writing, visual arts, mathematical analysis, and whatever else you can come up with that ties into your understanding of the fourth dimension. This can be a really exciting part of the course, but it's up to you!

Part of the project will be a description of the work that each participant put into the end result. The group will be graded as a whole, but each student will rate the amount of work produced by each of the group members, and I may adjust the participants' grades based on those reports. The projects are a significant part of your final grade, so be sure to allow an appropriate amount of time and effort for them at the end of the term. Something that you put together at the last day before your presentation will not be adequate.

See the grading policy for the exact percentage of your grade represented by the project. See the project pages for more details on the grading criterion for the group projects. All project materials are due on the first day of project presentations regardless of which day your group presents.

Note that we will be using our exam period for presenting our projects, so don't make travel plans before you know when the exam time is. Travel plans will not be considered an acceptable excuse for missing the final set of presentations.

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