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Seminar Policy:

The math department runs a student seminar that presents a lecture once a week on material accessable to students with a calculus background. We sometimes host outside speakers, and other times members of the department present a topic of interest.

It is an important part of your mathematical training to participate in these seminars, as they will expose you to a wider range of mathematics than you will see in your coursework alone, and offer different viewpoints than you might get just from the members of the Math Department. For those going on in mathematics, you may get an idea for a future thesis topic, for example, and you will be surprised at how often an approach or technique that you see in seminar will come in handy in a situation that seems totally disconnected from the topic of the talk.

It is part of your role as a member of the mathematical community at Union College to help support the seminar with your attendance. To encourage you to participate in these talks, I will offer 1/2 point extra credit on your final course grade for each seminar presentation you attend this term. To gain these points, you need to take notes at the lecture, then copy out a clean version of those notes and turn them in to me. I will mark them "acceptable" or "unacceptable", and will count your acceptable ones toward extra credit on your course grade, up to a total of 2.5 points (5 talks).

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