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Homework Policy:

Your homework will be of two types this term: electronic homework problems using the WeBWorK system, and written homework problems. Both will be assigned weekly. WeBWorK problems will be assigned on Friday and due the next Wednesday; written homework will be assigned on Thursday or Friday and due on Monday. See the WeBWorK page for details on those problems.

The hand-in homework will consist of one or two problems that you write up and hand in at the next class. You should use the following guidelines for the material that you turn in:

  • Please staple your pages together, and trim the left edge if they are torn out of a spiral notebook. Unstapled or ragged pages will not be graded.
  • Your solutions are due at the beginning of class on the day they are due. Late papers will not be graded.
  • Please print on only one side of the paper, clearly and legibly.
  • Please leave some space in the margins or between problems for my comments. Begin each problem on a new page.
  • Do not use graph paper except for graphs. Use lined paper for written work.

You should write in complete, English sentences when you write up your solutions; since mathematical notation is shorthand for English words, you can incorporate notation into your sentences, but you must explain why you are doing what you do. (See the writing samples for examples of what this means.) Many students feel at first that this is extraneous, but it is precisely this that should be central to your learning process. See the course philosophy and the last paragraph of the course expectations statement for more details on why this is important.

Copies of the best solutions will be made available in a notebook outside my office, as will any solution that I write up myself. If I circle a problem number in red on an assignment that you turn in, that means I have made a copy of your answer and placed it in this notebook (this is just for your information). See the discussion of the course notebook for more information.

See the discussion of the grading policy for the percentage of your grade that will come from your homework, and for policy on missed and dropped assignments.

See the study suggestions for some helpful hints on homework.

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