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Quiz Policy:

There will be a short quiz at the beginning of class each Thursday (see the course calendar for exact dates). This quiz will cover material from the homework and class lectures from the preceding week (the information covered by the WeBWorK and written homework assignments).

The questions on the quiz will be similar to the homework problems, but will not be identical to them. That is, they will not simply be the same problems you have already seen but with the numbers changed. You may be asked to combine ideas from class to solve a problem that you have never seen before. See the course philosophy for information about why this is the case.

Part of your responsibility as a student is to begin to organize the material for yourself. For example, at this point in your educational career you should be able to recognize which ideas are the most important, and should be able to summarize those. As part of this responsibility, you I recommend that you generate a review sheet for yourself before each quiz or exam. This should be a one (or sometimes two) page summary of the most important ideas to be covered on the quiz, organized in some meaningful way (depending on the centent). You should not rely on me to provide these for you (I will not be handing any out).

See the discussion of the grading policy for the percentage of your grade that will come from your quizzes, and for policy on missed and dropped quizzes.

If you have a learning disability for which you should receive extra time on quizzes, you must inform me of this by Monday of the second week of class (since the first quiz will be on the next Wednesday). You also should make arrangements with the office of the Dean of Students to inform me that they have the proper documentation for your condition on file.

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