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Project Groups:

Friday, June 8

The Fourth Dimension in Art
Evan Agatston
Katelyn Biancamano
Jacob Oliver

Friday, June 8, 10:30

Fourward: A glimpse into the next dimension
Meredith Lippman
Amy McDermott
Erin Schumaker
Clare Stone

Friday, June 8, 10:50

Slices of the n-Simplex
Dustin Lawlor
Keri Messa
Lawrence Zhou

Friday, June 8, 11:10

Tuesday, June 12 (starting at 8:30)

Slicing in Medecine
Mark Covert
Olin Livingston

Tuesday, June 12, 8:30

We Built a Crooked House
Rebecca Bardach
Kaitlin McGrath

Tuesday, June 12, 8:40

The 4th Dimension in Architecture
Bethania Damaso
Amarilis Francis
Yolaine Jean

Tuesday, June 12, 9:10

Views of a Hypercube
Charles Hovsepian
Caitlin Maguire
Molly Osborn

Tuesday, June 12, 9:30

Unfolding Union: bringing students and campus buildings into the 2nd Dimension
Dennis Berte
John Costello
Michael Hardy
Robert Presutti

Tuesday, June 12, 9:50

A Walk Through the Crooked House
John Costello

Tuesday, June 12, 10:10

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