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Quiz # 1 Review Sheet:

The quiz on Wednesday will consist of definitions, and will be brief. Your wording on a definition must be precise, and you will be required to give both a symbolic form and a verbal interpretation of the symbols. (Recall that an interpretation is a conceptual translation, not a symbol-by-symbol transliteration.) You may be asked to produce examples or verify that something satisfies the requirements of a definition. The ideas you should know include:

$A\subseteq B$, $A=B$
$A\cup B$, $A\cap B$, $A-B$
$A\times B$
$P\iff Q$
Contrapositive, Converse, Inverse
Negations of $\vee$, $\wedge$, $\forall$, $\exists$, $\implies$
$x$ is rational
The sets ${\bf N}$, ${\bf Z}$, ${\bf Q}$, ${\bf R}$, $\emptyset$

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