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Project Groups:

Friday, March 11

Beauty and the HyperBeast: A Story of 2D Love
Brenna Elliot
Harrison Paras
Farrah Rizwi
Sarah Tolzmann

Friday, March 11, 9:40

Mathematical Perspectives in Art: The Way We See It
Jeffery Brais
Rosemary Drennan
Daniel Khasidy

Friday, March 11, 10:00

Tuesday, March 15 (starting at 9:00)

Christina Duff
Gregory McClung
Andrew Schaeffer

Tuesday, March 15, 9:00

We Built his Crooked House
Rachel Beckman
Raquefette Kilchevsky
Daren Shaver

Tuesday, March 15, 9:20

The Evolution of 4-Dimensional Art in the 20th Century
Caroline Boardman

Tuesday, March 15, 9:40

CAT scans: A 3-Dimensional Journey through the Body
Kaitlin Connelly
Ashley LoTempio
Jaime Uresse

Tuesday, March 15, 10:00

Models of the Klein Bottle
Elisabeth Sartori
Jessica Steger
Jennie Werts

Tuesday, March 15, 10:20

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