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Project Groups:

Friday, March 14

Representations of the 4th Dimension in Art
Rachel Goldberg
Jennifer Mayne
Mary Raso

Friday, March 14, 8:20

Slicing and its Relation to CAT Scans
Jaclyn Bloom
Kristen Johnson
Jennifer Schwartz

Friday, March 14, 8:40

An Artistic Look at the Fourth Dimension
Bernard Carey
Lauren Jacobi
Benjamin Strauss-Malcolm
Chelsea Woodard

Friday, March 14, 9:00

Wednesday, March 19 (starting at 9:00)

A Two-Dimensional World
Michael Cary
Fred Kountz
Nathan Lebowitz

Wednesday, March 19, 9:00

Exploring the Hypercube House
James Griglun
Blakeny Peschel
Lyman Terni

Wednesday, March 19, 9:20

A Day in the Life of Flat Union College
Alec Knuerr
Evan Kramer

Wednesday, March 19, 9:40

Flatland Safari: Viewing the 4-SImplex through Lower-Dimensional Models
Stefan Hasegawa
Benjamin Howe
Maritza Puello
Sherine Skariah

Wednesday, March 19, 10:00

Orthographic Models of the Hypercube
Geoffrey Bowman
Caitlin LeGere
Colleen Sentance

Wednesday, March 19, 10:20

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