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Grading Policy:

All work must be completed and handed in prior to the last day of classes in order to receive a passing grade for this course.

Your grade will be computed from your scores on the weekly quizzes and homework problems, the WeBWorK assignments, the midterm exam, the final, and class participation. See the course calendar for the schedule of the quizzes and exams. See the registrar's schedule for the time and location of the final exam.

The components have the following weights:

Homework 10 %
WeBWorK 10 %
Quizzes 25 %
Midterm Exam 25 %
Final Exam 30 %
A late or missing homework or quiz will count as a zero, but your lowest homework and quiz grade will be dropped. See the WeBWorK policy page for details about how WeBWorK problems are graded. There will be no make-ups for missed quizzes, howework or exams. Midterm exams can be taken early only under unusual circumstances, and only by arranging a time with the instructor at least one week in advance of the date of the exam. The final exam can not be rescheduled.

The department has a policy of not giving final exams early, regardless of the reason. Recently, many math finals have been scheduled on the last day of exams and you should make travel plans accordingly. Do not purchase (or let your parents purchase) airline tickets before you know your exam schedule, as flight plans are not an acceptable reason to reschedule the final.

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