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Homework Policy:

I will be posting homework questions to the assignments page, so you should check these each night after class. This will give the required reading, and also some questions that you should think about before class. These will server to get our discussion started in class. You should come to class with a short written answer to each question (perhaps a paragraph) to help you remember your ideas.

Occassionally, I will ask you to write a short essay response to one of these question to be turned in. These are intended to be short expressions of your ideas, not polished papers, so they can be less formal than the longer assignments. You should still try to write clearly, however.

Copies of the best solutions will be made available in a notebook outside my office, as will any solution that I write up myself. If I circle a problem number in red on an assignment that you turn in, that means I have made a copy of your answer and placed it in this notebook (this is just for your information). See the discussion of the course notebook for more information.

See the discussion of the grading policy for the percentage of your grade that will come from your homework, and for policy on missing assignments.

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