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Attendance Policy:

This course will be discussion based, so I will not be lecturing. Your participation is crucial to that processes, so that makes your attendance especially important. A portion of your grade will be based on your in-class participation, so absences will affect that. Although I will not be taking attendance, I will be recording data about participation each day.

If you miss a class, you still are responsible for the material covered that day, including such things as homework assignments and changes in schedules. Homework assignments will be posted to the web on the homework assignments page, so you can check there if you miss a class. You may also find the course calendar helpful.

There will be no make-ups for missed homework or quizzes. If you are going to miss a class when a homework is due, you should make arrangements for someone to drop off your write-up for you, either during class, or at my office or mailbox prior to class. Late papers will count as a zero.

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