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Homework Policy:

Problems will be assigned each class, and I will collect three or four of these each week. The assignments page will list which ones. The problems are due the class after they are assigned. You should follow the same write-up instructions as for the problem sets.

I will also assign problems that are not collected. This does not mean that they are optional. You will not be successful in this class if you do not do the homework.

You will not be successful in this class if you do not do the homework.

These problems represent crucial practice in the techniques that we develop in class. If you do not do them, you will not have the experience you need to answer the questions on the quizzes and exams.

In past terms, students have told me that they regularly leave one or more problems unfinished or incorrect, particularly the harder problems. This is too many! If you are finding that you are unable to do all the problems, this is a sign that you should come see me for additional help. You should be able to do virtually all of the homework problems that I assign.

Mathematics is a discipline than can only be learned by doing. Listening to a lecture is not the same thing as working through problems on your own, so if you plan to learn the material, you really must do at least the assigned problems.

See the study suggestions for some helpful hints on homework.

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