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Problem Set Instructions:

Please begin each problem on a new page, and put your name on each page. Staple your pages together, and trim the edges if they are torn from a spiral notebook. Please write on only one side of the page, and leave some room for my comments.

Be as complete as you can in your answers, and show all your work. Be sure to justify your conclusions; the difference between a B and an A usually is in the explanations. Write in complete, English sentences, even when you are writing mathematics; remember, mathematical notation is simply shorthand for words, so your mathematics should read as a sentence. You may use your notes and your previous problem sets, but you may not discuss the problem set with anyone other than the course instructor, other than discussions we hold in class. This includes, classmates, other professors, parents, siblings, and your dog. If someone asks you about the problem set, your answer should be "I'm sorry, but I can not discuss the problem until after it has been turned in."

You may not use notes, homeworks, or copies of exams from other sections of this course, either from this term or from previous terms.

If you use sources other than your class notes and your brain, be sure to cite them. This includes looking up theorems in a book (other than those covered in class) or on the web. You should not need to refer to such sources, but if you do, you must cite these references.

Please sign and attach this sheet to your quiz when you turn it in. This will constitute your pledge that you have abided by the rules of this problem set, and those outlines in the department statement on academic honesty.

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