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Collaboration Policy:

You may not work together on exams or problem sets. This means you may not discuss the problems outside of class with anyone but the course instructor. That includes other members of the class, other students, other professors, your parents, your siblings, and your dog. I take this policy seriously, and so does the College. I interpret this to mean that if someone asks you "How is the problem set going?" your response should be "I'm sorry, I can't discuss the problem set until after it is turned in." Here "discussing" means any form of communication about the problems, including talking, looking at another student's written work, scratch work, or notes, and looking at old copies of problem sets from previous years. Be sure to read the cover sheet to remind you of the terms each time you begin a problem set. The college takes plagiarism very seriously, and so do I. You should be sure to read the material on plagiarism and academic honesty that you received in your freshman orientation package.

Please read the comments on collaboration from my advice pages.

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