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Group Participation Form:

Name: __________________________________

Project: _____________________________________________________
  1. Please list each member of your group (including yourself) and rate each according to how much of the project you think each person performed. Give these as percentages, where the total is 100% times the number of people in the group. For example, if there are three people in the group, you might have all three listed as 100%, or the first person at 100%, the second at 80% and the third at 120%. Be as honest as you can with this, but don't be afraid to make it clear if you think one person did more than another (even if that person is you). This information will not be shared with your other group members.

                   Name                                   Percent
           _________________________________________    ___________ %
           _________________________________________    ___________ %
           _________________________________________    ___________ %
           _________________________________________    ___________ %

  2. Please describe (briefly) the role of each person in the project. Include an explanation of any discrepincies that you indicated in problem 1 above.

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