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Daily Questions Policy:

I am going to start each class by asking you what questions you have about the material from the last class or the homework assignment. We will base the class discussion on these, so it is important that you spend some time thinking about questions before coming to class. In order to facilitate this, I am asking you to come up with (at least) two written questions each day. These can be about anything that you didn't understand, or about new ideas that you have thought of and want the class to consider.

To help encourage you to think about the material between classes, I am also asking you to write a one- or two-paragraph summary of each class. You should send me this write-up via e-mail by 8:00 the morning of the next class. Your paragraph should describe the major ideas, but should not simply repeat what we said in class. Try to organize and summarize that material; separate the important ideas from the other ones. (This is a skill that you need to practice.) It is important for you to take time outside of class to think about the material, and these write-ups should help you focus your concentration.

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