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Quiz Policy:

There will be a short quiz at the end of the class each Wednesday (see the course calendar for exact dates). This quiz will cover material from the homework and class lectures from the preceding several days, including the previous class, so be sure to ask any questions you might have on Wednesday before the quiz.

Quizzes will consist of two parts: an in-class section (generally two or three questions) and a take-home portion that will be dueat the beginning of the next class. The take-home portion will ask you to redo the in-class questions carefully and fully, and it may include one or two additional problems. Your score for the questions that appear on both parts will be a combination of the scores on the in-class and take-home portions, so even if you do the take-home portion perfectly, you will not get full credit for the problem if you made errors on it in class. In general, for a problem that appears on both parts, the in-class portion will be heighted more heavily (between 1/2 and 2/3 of the points for that problem).

Since the take-home portion of the quiz occurs between classes, you may want to ask me questions by email. I usually check it at least once the evenings. I will try to do this at about 9:00 so that you have time to get your questions in, but still have time to take advantage of my answers.

You should use the following guidelines for the take-home portions of quizzes that you turn in:

You should write in complete, English sentences when you write up your solutions (both the in-class and take-home portions); since mathematical notation is shorthand for English words, you can incorporate these into your sentences, but you must explain what you are doing as you do it. Many students feel at first that this is extraneous, but it is precisely this that should be central to your learning process. See the course philosophy and the last paragraph of the course expectations statement for more details on why this is important.

Copies of the best solutions will be made available in a notebook outside my office, as will any solution that I write up myself. See the discussion of the course notebook for more information.

While you may work with other students on homework problems, the quizzes are to be done independently, including the take-home portions. You may not discuss the quiz questions with anyone except the course instructor until after the take-home portion has been handed in. The cover sheet for each quiz will remind you of this policy.

See the discussion of the grading policy for the percentage of your grade that will come from your quizzes, and for policy on missed and dropped quizzes.

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