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Math 10 Course Expectations:

One of the biggest differences between working at the high-school level and at the college level is the following:

Clear writing is a reflection of clear thinking.

in high school, frequently it is enough to demonstrate a knowledge of the appropriate material; in college, you will be expected not only to know the material, but also to be able to articulate that knowledge, both through speaking and writing, to an intelligent, but slightly less-well informed, listener or reader.

Clear writing is a reflection of clear thinking, so your ability to explain your work carefully in writing is an important indicator of your level of understanding. Most people find that the process of organizing material well enough to express it clearly is a tremendous help in solidifying their own understanding of the material.

This has the following consequences for Math 10:

It is important to realize that writing explanations, while it helps me to grade your work, is mostly for your benefit. It is the best way to make sure for yourself that you fully understand the material. If you do understand the material, it should not be a hardship to write a brief explanation of what you are doing. On the other hand, if you are not entirely sure about the process, trying to write an explanation of what you have done is one of the best ways to recognize that you are not completely clear on the subject. Even if you are right, the organization required in writing about what you have done will help you draw the connections necessary for a full understanding of the material. Don't look at writing as just another hoop to jump through; look at it as an integral part of the learning process. It's one of the things you can do far better than a computer.

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