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Our Guests and their Comments:

Some of our guests have signed in and left the following comments. Please take a moment to add your own comment to this list.

Ben Fusaro, Tallahassee 3 July 2004

"Excellent, creative graphics."

William Clevenger, Jefferson City 25 May 2004

"Wonderful illustrations. I wonder if you have made inroads into the application of these models with quantum mechanics?"

Jorge Cuellar, Lima, Peru 12 May 2004

"Existen otros 'mundos' pero estan en el nuestro."

Vanilla Water, Jeyer, New Hampshire 17 March 2004

"I quite enjoyed your magnificent displays of ultra mood swiping pieces. Your art spoke to me on many levels. I tried to speak back but I got no answer. Perhaps you could work on that.
The peace of the chimes be with you,
Vanilla...the scent of tranquility"

Pieter Bal, Antwerp, Belgium 1 March 2004

"The book, and the site have helped me a lot with my presentation about the fourth dimension. It was very interesting and I hope my audience will think that to."

Tárik, Goiania, Goiás, Brasil 19 February 2004

Rose, Portland, Oregon 24 January 2004

"Thank you for developing a site that appeals to people of all math skills and in terest levels."

Karl Rousseau, Paris, France 10 January 2004

"I always wanted to find a good book or links to those mathematical objects without having to buy a big complex book. (I saw one years ago) Then I discovered your site and I found in love with it. The idea of museum is wonderful. The only thing missing is the formulas associated to the shapes. I found many of them on Mathematica's site. Again. Great job for this site. Thanks a lot."

A number of the images do include the equations, though not all. Look in the link called "The mathematics behind this image". -- the artists

Voirrey Watterson, Edinburgh 3 December 2003

"Really interesting and entertaining and helpful - I came here in search a better understanding of the Klein bottle and found wonderful pictures!
Thank you!"

Chris Dale, Sydney, Australia 2 December 2003

"My son (11) as I was driving him down to catch the Ferry to School we were talking about the 4th Dimension, 'Time' I said I would look it up on the net when I arrived at work that's when I discovered your site I did enjoy the experence and I shall show all my kids when I get home. thanks........Oh by the way make sure you don't re-elect Bush the worlds future is in the hands of responsible Americian voters!"

Cindi, Wyoming, New York 2 December 2003

"I am working on a book report on FlatLand and ended up here. 'What a wonderful site!!'"

The_Jayman, D/FW, Tx 23 November 2003

"I thought I might contribute to the nice things people have said to you these past few years. Nice website, cutting edge for it's day I'm sure. The profound commentary has been equally as entertaining. I'm in high school, so I'm sure you can imagine how amusing it is to me how some people strive to appear so intellectual, besides, everyone knows that "econmic inequality" is a product of over population, geographical proximity to natural resources as well as a myriad of other contributing factors hindering a nation's ability to interact effectively in today's world marketplace. Wonder if that guy has had any time to address economic equilibrium/stabilization - ya know, those guys crack me up..Eh!? I was curious as to if your program would accept equations like: "z = z × z + C" or "xn+1 = xn2 - c" or "xn+1 = cxn(1 - xn)"...where "n" is a count index which numbers the "x" (n = 0,1,2,3 ...). The value "c" in the formula is a hypercomplex number, that remains constant during the whole calculation. It is especially interesting when incorporating "i", for a hint of the "4th dimension" as well...Thanks for your time...gotta go :)"

Jean-Pierre Hebert, Santa Barbara, California 8 November 2003

I am a friend of Anne Spalter . . ."

T Konnert, Oakland, California 2 October 2003

11/03 -- Note: Our guestbook wasn't working for a quite a few months during 2003, without our knowledge. If you submitted an entry that hasn't appeared, please send it again and we'll be sure to include it. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Ann Singer, Schenectady, New York 3 January 2003

"Your artwork is wonderful! Is there anywhere that I might purchase copies of the artwork?"

Andras Szucs, Budapest 2 January 2003

"It is really great ! I think this can help very much to attract young people to Topology and Geometry.

I shall give this homepage address to my students.

Go on please, make further exciting pictures.

Best regards,

Michael Blatus, Vero Beach, Florida 24 December 2002

"WOW! Brain Melt For Sure. Does Anyone Have Asprin?"

Laura Tedeschini Lalli, Roma, Italia 9 December 2002

"Dept of Mathematics, universita' Roma Tre.
On faculty with the School of Architecture.
We linked your page in our course-page at http://www.mat2.too.it/
Laura Tedeschini Lalli."

Gregg Hyder, Columbia, MO 21 November 2002

"Intriguing - just started looking."

Ely, Sydney, Australia 20 November 2002

"Hi! I loved your gallery. Why is manufacturing the Klein Bottle impossible?"

Marcin Wojtkiewicz, Wroclaw, Poland 6 November 2002

"Very nice gallery, thats good that You placed animations and math theory connected with the objects."

Nadja Wisocki, Atlanta, GA 6 October 2002

"Beautiful images!"

Maarten van Veen, Voorschoten 7 May 2002

"Hello everybody"

Ben, Seattle, Washington 7 May 2002

"I would like some tips on visualizing klein bottles in 4D"

Antonio Jesús Ureña, Granada 12 April 2002

Marcelo Birck, Porto Alegre 6 April 2002

Eduardo Martignetti, Paris, France 11 March 2002

"Thanks for providing me with ideas and new hopes for my project."

Khanis Hubbard, Raleigh, NC 25 February 2002

"This is not bad at all. ... Kudos."

Pravin Gadani, MD, Enola 18 February 2002

Pravin Gadani, MD, Enola 12 February 2002

"This was fascinating, you can almost get a feel of the fourth dimension."

Mikael Bohlin, Skellefteé 12 February 2002

"This was fascinating, you can almost get a feel of the fourth dimension."

David G. Clash, Fairview Park, OH 18 January 2002

"Fascinating! I once had the opportunity to create two dimensional forms using a laser with rotating optics. This exhibit truly captures math and art. Thanks for sharing."

Steve Conlon, Hartlepool 6 December 2001

"On the inside looking in, out or thereabouts."

Cristiano Massaro, Lido di Venezia, Italy 21 November 2001

"Simply fascinating!!!"

Tiago Costa, Sines, Portugal 17 November 2001

"I find these pictures rather interesting. This exhibition will pass through my school during these weeks and so, it will be very interesting to participate with comments and questions. However it is a little bit difficult to understand the concept of the 4th dimension. I hope that with time I will be able to look into it and understand it. This virtual gallery is very well conceived. Keep up the good work."

Flávio Valverde, Barreiro 30 October 2001

I'm surprised with your work!"

Michael Petri, Frankfurt, Germany 26 October 2001

"I am very astonished--in a positive manner! It is a really brainsquirling subject."

Paul Cantrell, St. Paul, MN 20 October 2001

"Cool! These are some of the nicest mathematical visualizations I've seen on the web. Alas, I couldn't find a VRML viewer that behaved nicely for me. But the movies were particularly exciting! Thanks for this site."

Chrysostomos Kridiotis, St. Paul, MN 18 October 2001

"I love it."

James Hanson, Santa Barbara, CA 30 September 2001

"You all got way to much time on your hands but that is some cool 4 dimensional s--t you got.

Antonio Cesar Giácomo Soares, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 30 September 2001

"Sou professor de Matemática e fiz a impressão das figuras e pretendo fazer uma exposição em escolas para mostrar a alunos do ensino fundamental.
um abraço,

Clement Sun, Bellevue, WA 28 September 2001

"My brain is going to explode."

Araxa/Sulfos/Erro, Sao Carlos 16 August 2001

"Very interesting! We couldn't understand all 3D visions!"

Jim Stasheff, Chapel Hill 24 January 2001

"Challenging to integrate this site into my course - a welcome challenge."

Carol Kuenzig, Rochester, NY 22 January 2001

"I continue to be fascinated by the way three-dimensional figures change in appearance as they move. I've practiced at constructing stellated figures from paper (closely guided by Wenninger's Polyhedral Models) for the pure pleasure of looking at them, and without mathermatical knowledge or interest. You can imagine my anticipation when I first 'stepped into' this virtual exhibit animating Dr. Banchoff's computer-generated artwork.

There is a force of great power in these moving images! It is amazing to me how the truth of it rings despite my lack of mathematical understanding. In repeatedly viewing these movies, occasionally a connection was bridged to something I had incompletely glimpsed when handling paper constructions. At other times, I knew what would happen (more accurately, 'felt' it) before actually seeing it with my eyes.

The beauty of these figures in animation takes my breath away (literally, I forget to breathe). This work keenly illustrates how science is art and how beautful is truth."

Marie Majeau, Edmonton 1 January 2001


Gonçalo Morais, Lisbon, Portugal 23 December 2000

Sarah Dyer, Las Vegas, NV 13 December 2000

Edgar Vieira Gomes, Albufeira 8 November 2000

"Very good."

Hércules Mendes, Maceió, AL, Brazil 31 October 2000

"Fantastic! Fascinating!"

William McLeod, Vancouver, BC, Canada 29 October 2000

"There is mathematics.
 There is beauty.
 There is truth.
 There is an often unseen equivalence between all three.
 All knowledge - known and unknown - is coded in these
 three axioms of the human mind."

James Harris, New York, NY 9 October 2000

"I would like to know when Mr. Banchoff will be speaking in NY."

Lynn Stephens, Rochester, NY 18 September 2000

"I am interested in super-string theories and am looking into graphical tools for exploring n-dimensional space, in case I ever make it to grad school. I've run into your name a couple of times as someone working on ways to visualize slices of these spaces. It is a bonus to find someone who also has the soul of an artist. Thank you."

Ana Abreu, Funchal, Portugal 18 September 2000

Franco Nuzzi, Bari, Italy 10 September 2000

Tuncay Dogan, Izmir 29 August 2000

"This is why I love this website and Mathematics..."

I-Lok Chang, Bethesda, MD 8 August 2000

Maryse Wagner, Las Vegas, NV 4 August 2000

Kyle Estrada, Las Vegas, NV 2 August 2000

"I very much enjoyed this sight. I was required to visit it due to my math class, but keep returning due to the interesting information provided."

Karthika Shanthakunalan, London, England 17 July 2000

"I think that this site is excellent but I wanted to know why these pictures had such a high mathmatical equation?"

Alex West, Portland & Eugene, OR 8 July 2000

"Beautiful, beautiful stuff. Every summer, I teach math classes at a summer camp for gifted students. I would love to link to your page, if that were permitted.

I especially like the Klein bottle. That large image I showed to my students, and many of them were impressed. The 'virtual gallery' layout is an excellent interface, as well."

Charlie Jackson, Atlanta, GA 5 July 2000

Patrick Frey, Indianapolis, IN 25 June 2000

Jeffery C. Allen, San Diego, CA 9 June 2000

"A good visualization of a problem can make the solution `pop' right out. Will be combing this site for applications to our COMM and EE geometries."

Teresa Alpuim, Lisboa, Portugal 1 June 2000

"I knew the author through his excellent book Linear Algebra through Geometry, in fact, my favourite book on linear algebra. This was an extremely interesting and exciting exhibition. An extraordinary work of the best mathematical and artistic lev"

Mike Moore, Baltimore, MD 11 May 2000

"Nice site. I like it."

Michelle Finley 4 May 2000

"Very cool."

Turgut Ozis, Izmir, Turkey 28 Apr 2000

"I can only say that it is extraordinary, it is the art of mathematics."

Christina Vizcarra, Lawrence, KS 24 Apr 2000

Christian Reynoso Hunter, Buenos Aires, Argentina 22 Apr 2000


Sharon Di Iorio, Denver, CO 21 Apr 2000

"I love this website and I love the presentation of Thomas Banchoff's work! I have the book Beyond the Third Dimension."

Elliot Ratchik, Elmsford, NY 17 Apr 2000

"Very Cool!"

Nick Lucas, Brussles 17 Apr 2000

"The pictures here rock!"

S. T. Bond, Jane Lew, WV 16 Apr 2000

M. Martens, Henderson, NV 11 Apr 2000

"This sight has catapulted me, the viewer, into a vibrating, obsorbing world of graphic art. As I peruse through these riviting pieces I am mesmerized by the bright, vivid, and richness to detail the sight has to offer. Thank you for making this available to me."

Rod Millar, Salt Lake City, UT 7 Apr 2000

"Great Site!"

Howard H. Wieck, Cicero, IL 28 Mar 2000

"Interesting. Looking at the code would be nice. Concept could have several applications beginning with games."

Victoria Carver, Boston, MA 20 Mar 2000

"Thank you, thank you -- both for the images and for the wonderful, many-layered commentaries attached. The images have bold sensuality I associate with O'Keefe's paintings, yet in some ways deeper because of the way they spring to life out of mathematical equation seeds. That topology! To a non-mathematician like me it seems to be a genuinely x-rated domain -- in the very classiest and loveliest sense, of course. Wish I could see the animated views, but my browser says it can't find "Sparkle", and when I try to download the plug-in for the other version, I seem to get to a dead-end where it can't find the right URL for downloading. Anyway, not sure I could take in more in one viewing, so will try again later."

Ray Jones, Corpus Christi, TX 23 Feb 2000

"I appreciate the exhibit. It would be nice if the animations ran rather more slowly, even if it did mean making the files larger. Some animation exhibits showing first 3d objects moving through a 2d plane and then 4d polytopes moving through a 3d volume would be welcome also."

Maria, Quito, Equador 3 Feb 2000

"Great place!"

David L. Devroy, Grand Rapids, MI 20 Jan 2000

"I was lucky enough to see you on 1/11 at Calvin coll. As an artist I found your work breathtaking as a science enthusiast it was fascinating. One question though, what would a human look like in a 4-d environment. I hope to be able to wrap my brain around this one, its difficult to visualize. I lose a lot of sleep thinking about this kind of stuff. I hope you have a second to reply, it would make my week, I totally understand if you cannot."

Joanna, New York, NY 10 Jan 2000

"This is a very interesting site. The pictures are beautiful and intreging."

Angel Pardo, Madrid, Spain 3 Jan 2000

Lindsay Smelstor, Hanover, MA 26 Dec 1999

José Francisco Rodrigues, Lisboa, Portugal 7 Dec 1999

"Congratulations. Your exhibit is a wonderful example of how Mathematics can also be communicated through (and with) Art in the Information Society. I have really appreciated it. Hope to see more in future..."

Iris Jessup, Las Vegas, NV 1 Dec 1999

Kenneth W. Bryant, Jasper, Alabama 16 Nov 1999

"I enjoyed the visual mathematics and really hope to see more of this great exhibition of math in more public places.Math is fun, important and beautiful. The more math the better.

Hal Carson, San Antonio, TX 29 Oct 1999

"Where art and math become one ... see, there really is beauty in mathematics!!! Not to mention the power, the majesty, and the might made manifest! I do not believe there are very many atheists among mathematicians, but whoever among the readers of this entry are such, please do not be offended by my seeing the hand of Him, the Eternal Geometer."

Hanson Kappelman, Gibsonia, PA 22 Oct 1999

"I was at your lecture at the College of Wooster 10/21/99. What fascinating work! One more reason why I will never be bored in retirement."

Tony Creamer, Greenbelt, ?? 14 Oct 1999

"Beautiful, interesting and captivating."

Felyicha Baker, Brockton, MA 13 Oct 1999

"A lot of interesting and educating views in this program."

Anthony Gulinello, Brockton, MA 13 Oct 1999

Chris Morley, Providence, RI 4 Oct 1999


Sharon Di Iorio, Denver, CO 28 Sep 1999

"I have enjoyed this website very much and plan to return."

Adam Scarcella, Beverly, MA 9 Sep 1999

"Great visualization and presentation. Easy to use floor plan layout and clever too."

Fernando Chotguis Rosenbaum, Curitiba, Brazil 23 Aug 1999


Danny, Deer Park, (MI?) 20 Aug 1999

"Loved the site."

Kathleen De La Torre, Las Vegas, NV 31 July 1999

Bernadette Y. Quander, Lansing, MI 31 July 1999

Susan Hernandez, Pleasanton, CA 29 July 1999

"Thanks for a great site!"

Bob Rogers, Teaneck, NJ 20 July 1999

"Hi, Tom -
I'm enjoying a tour of your various home pages. Fun!"

Daisy Gonzalez, Piedras Negras, Coahuila Mexico 5 July 1999

"It's my first time in this !!!! And it's great...."

M. A. M. Khan, Cambridge, U.K. 19 May 1999

"Very interesting! Tremendous potential."

Paulette Taggart, Overton, NV 4 May 1999

"I have enjoyed looking at the art here, this is a very novel idea. I love the web site and how you can click on the art to get closer....I LOVE it!!"

Curtiss DuRand, Concord, MA 4 May 1999

Randolph Thompson Dibble II, San Diego, CA 28 April 1999

"I hope to be a Theoretical Physicist or Hyperbolic Topologist. Thank You for your site."

Tina, New Castle, IN 27 April 1999

Melissa Coons 12 April 1999

Gregg Tarayan, Manchester 4 April 1999

"What tool was used to generate the images?"

The graphics were generated in a program called Geomview distributed by The Geometry Center. It runs only on unix workstations. Two modules for Geomview, written by Davide Cervone, were used extensively in this work: they are CenterStage for creating objects in arbitrary dimension, and StageManager for scripting the animation sequences. Both are part of the StageTools package, also distributed by the Geometry Center. -- the artists

Burke Brown, Toronto, Ontario 4 April 1999

"It's very exciting. There is a regularity behind economic inequality in the world. It would be very advantageous to organize a similar show that would illustrate how inequality is generated and the ubiquitous nature of the process. Like it or not all us are controlled by 'MONEY'. I believe that insight about how this force operates has great pedagogical value. It will contribute to scientific and mathematical literacy by providing the everyday relevance that is missing for most and is necessary for learning and perception to occur and hold.

I so enjoy your creativity. Also I was impressed when reading 'The Mathematical Experience' that one of the authors experienced an epiphany re the fourth dimension when he had the opportunity to manipulate the hypercube you created. It is this type of experience and insight I hope can be created with interactive feedback involving the pattern behind economic inequality.

Your journal is a great contribution. Thanks!"

Thom Lipiczky, West Stockbridge, MA 21 March 1999

Morris Marx, Pensacola, FL 18 March 1999

C. M. Renier, Knoxville, TN 15 March 1999


Bruce Garrod, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 15 March 1999

Alberto Castro, Amherst, MA 13 March 1999

"I really enjoyed the mathematics and the graphics. The design of the presentation was also very good. It really attracted me to each picture, and I am looking forward to seeing the video."

Dr. Katheryn K. Fouche, Pensacola, FL 12 March 1999

"Dr. Banchoff's demo of his web site and his integration of the Internet into his mathematics classes was the most refreshing I have ever seen. Thank you Dr. Banchoff for your visit to the Florida Section of the MAA."

Diana Hayward, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 11 March 1999

"The graphical quality is wonderful, however it would be nice if each drawing came with the mathematical relavence behind the drawing. I am familiar with some, example, the Klein Bottle, but not with others."

Many of the images do include some information about the underlying mathematics via a "mathematics behind the image" link, or sometimes in the "artist's comments" link. Not every image does, but many do. Some of the descriptions are more mathematically detailed than others. -- the artists

Joel Saunders 28 February 1999

Traves Wood, Richmond, VA 24 February 1999

"I have long been fascinated by concepts surrounding the fourth dimension. Books like The Fourth Dimension and Flatland have been avidly read by me in the past.

Though I only have a minor in Mathematics, exploring this sight has provided me with the inspiration to return to that field and finish getting a B.S. in the field. It's great I hope you keep this site up for a long time. I must conquer linear algebra before I enter into this field again."

Chetan Balwe, Ann Arbor, MI 19 February 1999

"Lovely page. Liked it."

Richard Ripley, Los Angeles, CA 20 January 1999

"Veeery interesting!"

Earl Packard, Monticello, AR 24 November 1998

Cleve Moler, Natick, MA 9 November 1998

"Greetings from MATLAB and MathWorks."

Donita Bird, Cedar Falls 8 November 1998

Herb Kasube, Peoria, IL 4 November 1998


Jessica Weare, New Haven, CT 28 October 1998

"Thanks, Professor Banchoff -- this is much better wallpaper for my computer than what Packard Bell supplies. You could probably market these as screen savers and wallpaper -- ever think of that?"

Luis Vergara, Valdivia, Chile 15 October 1998

"Muy interesante."

F. Wall, Riverside, CA 12 October 1998

"I'm using this presentation for an article review for an Ed. Tech class at college. I need to show the use of computers in the area of math (my major) and I thought this article did a wonderful job. I think the more ways we can get children involved with the math the better and one of the ways is to show that math can be beautiful which the virtual art show has down. I want to thank you for all the time and energy into this presentation."

Barry Shields, Pittsburgh, PA 12 October 1998

"Fantastic snappy art. Paul Monroe, a fellow I swim with ocassionally, says good things about your work too. He leads me to expect motion images. Have I missed a step?"

A number of the pictures do include short movie clips. By clicking on a picture when you are looking at the wall showing it, you will get to a page that has all the links for that picture, including the mathematical background and any movie clips. -- the artists

Manuel Colunga-Hernandez, Deer River, MN 3 October 1998

"Enjoyable and quite an experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, and must say the added dimension of having an explanation of the mathematics behind the st ructures is most excellent. I will recommend this site you can be assured. Nice to see well done science!-Thank You."

Audrey Roy, West Hills 2 October 1998

"Very interesting site!"

Ryan Klatte, North Olmsted 1 October 1998

"This is a very interesting site. The pictures are incredible - though it is going to take some more study before I fully understand them. If this site is further updated, I would like to know."

Adam Xia, New York, NY 22 September 1998

Paul G. Negrete, Houston, TX 20 September 1998

"This is a great site. Keep up the good work."

Kiel Hodges, Atlanta, GA 14 September 1998

Jason Stein, Akron, OH 5 September 1998

"I think this artwork is amazing -- is there anyway I can get this stuff on video tape? My computer is too slow to see everthing rotate and unfold, and the resolution on my computer isn't that great either."

Unfortunately, these clips are available only in eletronic form at the moment. -- the artists

Duane Day, Newark, CA 4 September 1998

"Interesting and beautiful images. Thanks!"

Mik, Praha, Czech Republic 4 September 1998

David Tolar, Ennis, TX 19 August 1998

Michael Lamb, Cambridge, MA 12 August 1998

"This is incredibly cool."

Fabrizio, Bologna, Italy 11 August 1998

"Bello e veloce."

John Hedlund, Goteborg, Sweden (Svezia) 4 August 1998

Tina Jacobson, Las Vegas, NV 16 July 1998

Crystal Talbot, Overton, NV 14 July 1998

"This was great......"

Anonymous, Juneau, Alaska 14 July 1998

"COOL Pictures."

Anonymous, Portland, Oregon 14 July 1998

"This sight is really awesome. The pictures in the gallery are far better than any I've ever drawn."

Michael Kan 14 July 1998

"Cool pictures!"

Michelle G. Millar, Las Vegas, Nevada 10 July 1998

Tony Farragher, Dieren 6 July 1998

"The mind boggles."

Christopher Miller'94.5 (U. Iowa), Iowa City, Iowa 6 July 1998

Thad, Harlow, Essex, England 3 July 1998

"Brilliant, beatifull, facinating. I just wish there was more to see / do!"

6/98 -- Note: Our guestbook wasn't working for a few months at the beginning of 1998. If you submitted an entry that hasn't appeared, please send it again and we'll be sure to include it. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Wendy Pergentile, Calgary, Alberta, CA 28 Jan 1998


Lorgen Yu, Sunland 28 Jan 1998

"I love math and how it presents itself. I enjoy looking at the beautifully done mathematical figures."

Steven M. McInnis, Jamestown, RI 1 Dec 1997

"Hi Tom, I especially enjoyed the VRML world!!!"

Lee Stemkoski, Boston, MA 24 Nov 1997

"This is a very very impressive site! It is by far the best use of VRML that I have seen. I will visit this site often. Keep up the great work!"

Greg Glazner, Littleton, CO 20 Nov 1997

"Nice job. Good animations."

Michael Bailey, Casselberry, FL 19 Nov 1997

"Wonderful exhibit. Thanks!"

Jonsara Ruth, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 13 Nov 1997

"Great to find you!! Got a friend here in the architecture dept... the two of you should meet ... soon!! All the best for you and your show!"

Sridhar Sastry, Champaign, Il 12 Nov 1997

Julia Fuchs, Seattle, WA 10 Nov 1997


Ming Ho, Oakland, CA 8 Nov 1997

"The animations are really helpful in visualizing the various geometric objects. I have always avoided differential geometry because I just don't 'see' it. Maybe I should give it another try."

Ken Epstein, Smithtown, NY 2 Nov 1997

"Enjoyed your exhibit. Also I enjoyed speaking with you the other day."

Harry McKeithen, Houston, TX 20 Oct 1997

Davide P. Cervone, Schenectady, NY 27 Aug 1997

"I enjoyed putting these pages together for the show. But there's still more to come!"

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