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Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension
A virtual version of the physical exhibit that first appeared in the Providence Art Club in 1996. The virtual show includes animations and interactive objects as well as descriptions of the artworks and the mathematics behind them.

Para Além da Terceira Dimensão
A reincarnation of the virtual gellery "Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension" as a travelling art show in Portugal. The new show includes a CD-ROM that contains the entire art exhibit in both English and Portuguese.

Course notes for "Visualizing the Fourth Dimension"
These are notes for Math 53 at Union College, a general education course that introduces students to the fourth dimension. The site includes movie clips that are used in class to illustrate ideas such as the slices of the hypercube.

Math Awareness Month 2000: Math Spans all Dimensions
The subject of Math Awareness Month in 2000 was the idea of dimensions. This site is the electronic version of the MAM2000 poster, and includes links to information about how more than a dozen mathematicians and artists use dimensions in their work.

CVM Article: Cusps of Gauss Maps
An version of the classic paper [7] that incorporates electronic enhancements, including animations of the key examples.

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