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Six International Congresses ago, a 45-minute invited address in Helsinki introduced the use of computer animation in mathematical research and teaching. Word of mouth produced a demand for a second showing. Five years later in Warsaw, an improved version of the Helsinki presentation filled in for a cancelled invited address and once again there was a repeat performance. Now, twenty-four years later, we can return to the same themes and see how the advent of raster graphics, real-time display, and interactivity on the Internet can enrich our understanding of the geometry of surfaces, both for research and teaching.

In the sections below, we follow the outline of the article in the Proceedings of the 1978 ICM, comparing the original text (in small type) to some current developments of the author and his associates. We concentrate on the work of the author and his associates since it is impossible to include a complete survey of the vast number of contributions that have been made over the past two decades. Our illustrations recreate the wire-frame images from the original article and juxtapose them with modern images using software developed by Davide Cervone. The appendix is a narrative of the circumstances leading up to the presentation in the Helsinki ICM.

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