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Note for Users of Sun Workstations:

There is a strange interaction between Geomview and x-windows on a Sun workstation: Geomview does not always update the Camera window until a change in the window focus occurs. This has implications for users for CenterStage and StageManager on Sun workstations. For example, if you press the Update button in CenterStage, nothing may seem to happen in the Geomview window until you move the mouse over the Camera window. Sometimes Geomview will buffer several changes and show them one at a time when the focus changes. If updates don't seem to be occuring for you, try wiggling the mouse over the edge of the Camera window several times and see if that causes them to occur.

This is not a bug with StageTools, but a problem with Geomview itself. For instance, you can get the same effect when you issue commands within Geomview's Commands panel; updates won't always occur until you move the mouse into the Camera window.

When using a Sun workstation, you may want to get into the habit of moving the mouse across the Camera window border when you think an update should occur.

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