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Getting Started:

To start one of the StageTools modules, simply click (once) on its name in the Geomview modules selector (on the main Geomview panel). It may take a few moments for the module to start up, so be patient.

The StageManager and StageHand modules are a little unusual in that they use the StageDoor module to carry out their communication with Geomview and with other modules. For this reason, when you click on StageManager or StageHand, you will see the module start, then StageDoor will start, then StageManager or StageHand will disappear from the modules selector. This is the correct behavior and does not indicate a problem. In a few moments, the StageManager or StageHand window will open, so be patient. If the StageDoor module exits (or if you get error messages in the terminal window where Geomview was started), that indicates a problem.

For more on how to use the modules, see the individual documentation for each module.

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