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Installation Instructions:

Unpack the StageTools tar file to create the StageTools directory. One possible command for doing this is:
tar vfxpz StageTools-xxxx.tgz
where xxxx is replaced by the date that is part of the name of the StageTools file you downloaded.

One reasonable place to unpack StageTools is in /usr/local (to obtain /usr/local/StageTools). This will put it along side /usr/local/Geomview. Althernatively, you might put it in /usr/local/Geomview/modules/tcl if you have that directory.

Once the StageTools directory has been unpacked, cd to the StageTools directory and issue the command:

wish fix
(make sure that the TCL/TK "wish" interpreter is in your command path, and that it uses version 8.0 or later of TCL/TK; you may need to use a command like 'wish8.4 fix' instead, or type the complete path to the 8.x wish executable). This command will look up the location of wish and fix the executables that are part of the StageTools distribution so that they can find it. If you do not do this command, the StageTools external modules may complain "command not found". Once this is done, you can install the StageTools external modules.

To install the StageTools modules publically, issue the command:

./installTools /usr/local/Geomview
but use the path to your Geomview installation if it is in a location other than /usr/local/Geomview. This will install a .geomview-StageTools initialization file in the /usr/local/Geomview/bin directory that will make the StageTools modules appear in the Geomview modules list.

To install the StageTools modules only for yourself, issue the command:

This will append commands to your .geomview initialization file in your home directory.

Once you have installed StageTools, the modules should appear in the Geomview modules selector the next time you start Geomview.

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