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Customization using config files:

Any time a StageTool module loads a TCL file, it looks for a user-defined configuration file as well, and will load that after its normal TCL file if it finds one. These "config" files normally have the same names as the original files, but are stored in a special directory called config. The modules look in several places for these files: first, it looks in the directory where Geomview was launched for a directory called config and looks for the file there. Then it looks in the user's home directory for a directory called .StageTools/config. If not found, it looks in the main StageTools directory for a config directory. The config directory (whichever one it is) should contain a directory hierarchy mimicking the one in the main StageTools directory. For example, if CenterStage loads StageTools/module/CenterStage/file.tcl, then it will look for module/CenterStage/file.tcl in whichever config directory contains one.

Note that the original TCL file is loaded first, then the config version. Thus your configuration files need not include all the code that you are not changing, only the routine or commands that you need to modify. Since the configuration files are all stored in the same config directory, it is easy tell what file you have modified, and copy these modifications to any new distribution (after comparing the modified routines to the new ones to see if anything has been changed that you need to handle differently).

[More examples should be given.]

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