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Starting StageManager

To start up StageManager, first start Geomview, and click (once) on the StageManager name listed in the external modules selector at the bottom right of the main Geomview control panel. The StageManager module will start, then disappear and the {\tt StageDoor} module will start. This is the normal behavior and is not indicative of a problem with StageManager.1 After a few moments, you should see the StageManager window open. 2

At this point, you are ready to write the script for a movie.


The StageManager module actually consists of several separate programs cooperating with each other. In particular, the user interface portion is separate from the back-end that actually executes the movie scripts. This is to make it easier to kill a script that is performing an infinite loop (or other bad behavior) without having to kill the GUI itself, and possibly losing edits to the movie. The process is mediated by a separate program, called StageDoor, that acts as a communications hub. The other modules send and receive message from one another through the StageDoor process. The design of StageDoor allows for any number of such modules, though only StageManager and its companion, BackStage, currently use it. CenterStage operates independently from this, but registers with StageDoor so that StageManager can communicate with it.


If you get error messages about commands not found, check that you followed the installation instructions correctly. In particular, be sure that you ran the wish fix command in order to tell StageTools the location of the TCL/TK commands. If you did that, then check the file permissions on the commands in the main StageTools directory and in the various modules directories to be sure that the execute bit is set. Also, check the permissions on the directories to be sure that you have read access to them. You may need to restart Geomview after making some changes.

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