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Several Transformations at Once:

In this movie, a torus is loaded and our initial view is set up, then the torus rotates, pauses, and finally does a compound rotation and scaling all at once. The final position of the torus is the result of a transformation by a product of all three transformations in the final Sequence command.

The Torus.oogl file was created using the file Torus.cs in CenterStage. The xyz.vect file is a standard one that comes with Geomview.

   Load Torus.oogl
   Load xyz.vect

   Transform {Scale .25} Torus.oogl
   Transform {YZ -$pi/3}
   Transform {XY -$pi/6}

   Sequence {YZ $pi/2} 7 Torus.oogl
   Pause 3
   Sequence {Product {Scale .5} {XZ $pi} {YZ $pi/2}} 16 Torus.oogl
   Pause 5

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Created: 03 Jun 1996
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