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Rotating a Torus:

This movie loads a torus and some axes and sets their initial starting location. Then it rotates the torus around several different axes.

The Torus.oogl file was created using the file Torus.cs in CenterStage. The xyz.vect file is a standard one that comes with Geomview.

   Load Torus.oogl
   Load xyz.vect

   Transform {Scale .25} Torus.oogl
   Transform {YZ -$pi/3}
   Transform {XY -$pi/6}

   Sequence {YZ $pi/2} 7 Torus.oogl
   Pause 3
   Sequence {XY $pi} 16 Torus.oogl -parent
   Pause 3
   Sequence {YZ $pi} 16 -parent
   Pause 5

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Created: 03 Jun 1996
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