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StageTools is a suite of external modules for the Geomview program that provides a powerful and flexible means of creating mathematical objects within Geomview. These can be made into interactive demonstrations, or into animations in the form of MPEG movies, animated GIFs, or video tapes. Interactive modules can use sliders, check boxes, type-in areas, and other input devices to allow the user to manipulate the demonstration. To form a movie, you write a "script" that indicates how the objects should move within Geomview. These scripts use a language that includes high-level control over objects and motions, allowing you to manipulate individual objects, hierarchical compound objects, and several objects concurrently.

The modules that make up the StageTools suite are:

The StageTools suite also includes two other programs, StageDoor and BackStage, that work behind the scenes to control Geomview.

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