10. For (a) through (d) the dimension is log(3)/log(2).

(f) The number of small copies is just the number of IFS functions, the size of each copy is determined by the scaling factor. When the IFS generates a fractal to which

d = log(N)/log(1/s)

is applicable, E and F have no influence on the dimension. Usually, for this equation to be applicable, all the IFS functions must have the same R and S values, and R = S.

If R = S for each piece, but the R values differ for different pieces, the generalization of this equation is the Moran equation: d is the solution of

R1d + R2d + ... + RNd = 1.

If some Ri is different from Si, the fractal is self-affine, and the dimension computation is much more difficult.

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