Exercises for Chaos Under Control

Chapter 2: Coloring

In this set of exercises "DET" and "RAND" refer to Options in the TreenessEmerging Program.

41. Referring to Figure 2.6, find the regions in this figure in which the last transformations were

(a) 111, Answer

(b) 123, Answer

(c) 132, Answer

(d) 231, Answer and

(e) 321. Answer

42. Figure 2.22 depicts the six transformations which make up the IFS code of the "Cherry Tree." The pieces are pulled slightly apart to emphasize the action of the respective transformations. Examine the parameter table of the Tree in the TreenessEmerging Program to see how each piece of Figure 2.22 is generated. Locate, roughly, places in the Tree where the last transformations were

11, 25, 43, 55, 341, 144, 214.

Describe how you might go about coloring the Tree as shown in Color Plate 13.

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