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Alex Clain - Union 2015 & Professor William Zwicker
Union College

September 29, 2014
5:00 pm
Bailey Hall 207

Refreshments will be served in Bailey Hall 204 4:45pm


Amalgamation takes place in diverse contexts: • Students will be divided into one group ready for advanced material, and another needing more review. We need to amalgamate the varying views of their former teachers into one such division. • Different types of evidence (genetic, physiological, fossil record, ...) suggest varying stories about which species are descended from which. We need to amalgamate into one "phylogenic tree." • Several friends at a restaurant will share a bottle of wine. Varying preferences (red, white, rosι) must be amalgamated into one choice. Many others! The actual methods used to amalgamate in one context look, initially, quite different from those used in another. As we'll see, these differences in context are key to showing that a long list of some very well known methods are actually all restrictions of a single rule, first suggested by John Kemeny. In his summer research, Alex proved that a particularly famous amalgamation rule – the Borda count – can be added to the list.

For additional information, send e-mail to math@union.edu or call (518) 388-6246.
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